When it comes to seed ordering, I like to stick with reputable companies that have a good track record. Sometimes this means I pay a little more, but it also means I am getting what I ordered. Below is a list of companies I have ordered from in the past and have had good success with their seeds.

  • Baker Creek (Rare Seeds online) This is the place to go for unusual heirloom vegetable varieties. It is a bit pricier so save your dollars for the stuff you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Botanical Interests Nice selection. Many herbs an vegetables offered as organic seed. They were also early signers of the Safe Seed Pledge which states “…we do not knowingly buy, sell, or trade genetically-engineered seeds or plants.” You can get large seed packets of things you grow a lot of (for me that’s cilantro, cat grass and lettuce mixes)
  • Kitazawa Seeds Authentic ingredients just make dishes taste better. If you love Asian cuisines, Kitazawa is the place to get your seeds. They have been commercial growers since 1917!
  • Renee’s Garden Nice selection of both flowers and edibles.
  • Park Seed They have a really nice selection of flowers with new varieties every year.
  • Burpee They carry all the basics and have a really nice selection of coleus and zinnias.

These companies come highly recommended but I have yet to order from them myself.

Seed Savers Exchange They offer heirloom seeds and are on a mission to preserve our seed diversity

San Diego Seed A local Southern California company offering seed acclimated to our climate