Roses can be difficult in coastal climates. All that fog and moist conditions without many drying hot days can lead to fungal type issues like powdery mildew, black spot and rust. Believe it or not, fungi have preferences and some roses are more prone to these issues than others. Here is a list of roses that are least prone to getting these problems and that will perform well in our Central Coast of California climate. Please note that some outbreaks of fungal issues are still possible, but less frequent with these varieties.

Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras
  • Reds and Red Blends – Double Delight, Mister Lincoln, Mon Cheri
  • Pink and Pink Blends – Duet, Queen Elizabeth
  • Orange and Orange Blends – Marmalade, Ole
  • Apricot – Brandy
  • Yellow and Yellow Blends – Gold Medal, New Day
  • White and White Blends – Honor, Pascali
  • Lavender and Lavender Blends – Blue Nile, Paradis
  • Red and Red Blends – Merci
  • Pink and Pink Blends – Cherish, Tiki, Simplicity
  • Yellow and Yellow Blends – Sun Flare, Sunsprite
  • White and White Blends – Iceberg
  • Lavender and Lavender Blends – Angel Face, Deep Purple
  • Altissimo
  • Golden Showers
  • Joseph’s Coat