For the colder parts of our coastal climate we are looking at those fruit trees that will do best in Atascadero, Paso Robles and other parts of the county that get well over 800 hours of chill. The following trees will perform well in this colder climate (between zones 4-8). Notes listed on chill hours and pollenizer needs. Follow the links if you would like to know more about Chill Hours or Pollenizers.

  • Honeycrisp Apple 800-1000 chill hours
  • Ashmead’s Kernel Apple 800-1000 chill hours
  • Pink Pearl Apple 400 chill hours
  • Harcot Apricot 700 chill hours
  • Tilton Apricot 600 chill hours
  • Chinese Apricot 700 chill hours
  • Goldcot Apricot 800 chill hours
  • Bing Cherry 700 chills hour, needs Black Tartarian, Ranier or Lapins as a pollenizer.
  • Royal Ranier Cherry 500 chill hours, needs Black Tartarian, Lapins or Bing as a pollenizer.
  • Craig’s Crimson 500-600, needs Bing, Black Tartarian, Lapins or Ranier as a pollenizer
  • Utah Giant Cherry 800 hours, needs Bing, Lambert, Ranier or Van as a pollenizer
  • Royal Ann Cherry 700 chill hours, requires Van or Black Tartarian as a pollenizer
  • Black Tartarian 700 chill hours, requires Bing, Ranier or Lapins as a pollenizer
  • Flavortop Nectarine 650 chill hours
  • Independence Nectarine 700 chill hours
  • Suncrest Peach 500 chill hours
  • O’Henry Peach 750 chill hours
  • Arctic Supreme White Peach 700 chill hours
  • FrostTM Peach 700 chill hours
  • Elberta Peach 600 chill hours
  • Comice Pear 600 chill hours, self-fruitful in most climates or plant with Bartlett
  • Seckel Pear 500 chill hours, self-fruitful
  • Bartlett Pear 500-600 chill hours, needs Bosc, D’Anjou or Winter Nelis as a pollenizer
  • Emerald Beaut Plum 600-700 chill hours, needs Beauty, Burgundy, Last Santa Rosa, Nubian or Flavor King Pluot as a pollenizer.
  • Brooks European (Prune) Plum 800 chill hours, self-fruitful
  • Green Gage European Plum 700 chill hours, self-fruitful