In order to have cheerful daffodil/narcissus blooms in the spring, you need to plant them in the fall. With our mild winters, we can plant them all the way into November, but varieties disappear online and in nurseries much earlier. If you are looking for some daffodils that will reliably come back year after year, scroll down for a list of the best of the best.

If you have yet to consider daffodils for your garden, here are some key points why you should.

  • They are deer resistant
  • Gopher and rodent resistant
  • Need little to no water when dormant
  • Naturalize (multiply) over the years and can be separated and moved to other areas
  • Will grow happily in full sun or part shade
Most reliable daffodils for the Central Coast
  • “Geranium”
  • “Grand Soleil d’Or
  • “Minnow”
  • “Trevithian”
  • “Arctic Gold”
  • “Gold Court”
  • “Kings Court”
  • “Ice Follies”
  • “Falstaff”
  • “Galloway”
  • “Thalia”
  • “February Gold”
  • “Mt. Hood”